Things you have never asked your recruiter about. And you should.

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If you manage a large or medium-sized organization you probably have the recruitment team, too. Or alternatively you collaborate with an external recruitment agency, or few of them. In either case, you’re lucky!

You can leverage the role of your recruiters to improve your hiring and your company brand.

Recruiters have and gladly share the knowledge on the labor market. Use it to increase your employment success  and avoid the mistakes other employers do.

And here’s how!

1. Learn about your reputation as an employer.


Are you the brand candidates fight over to work for? Or are you having difficulities to attract the right talent and not sure why?

Recruiters, especially those working within agencies and approached by various client, may have the answer to this question. Once you posess the knowledge, you will be able to find the cure to your trouble.

Ask your reruiter to share the feedback they get from candidates interviewed for your company. Sometimes a minor thing, like unattractive location or poor benefits package make you lose to your competition.


  1. The local labor market situation.

Who is hiring, who is firing? Your recruiters know it all! Talk to them to find out about the local market trends and act quickly to acquire the talent which leaves other companies. Your competitor has just opened twenty new vacancies? Watch out for your employees, they might be tempted by attractive benefits and rush over!


  1. Potential sources of excellent candidates.

Knowing what companies in your region do the similar thing as you do will let you work on a right recruitment strategy and limit down the time usually used for hiring. Once you know where to source from, ask your agency to come up with a job description and strategy that will attract the talent you need.


  1. Salary grids.

And these change a lot! Wondering why candidates decline your offers and go elsewhere? Well, maybe the salary on yours is far from competitive. And once personally I am against spoling the market and driving salaries too high, it is always beneficial to be in line with the general market trend.


  1. Effective recruitment process.

You have an excellent job opportunity advertised all over the social media and job-boards, decent response and still – no placements. How come?

The fault may lie in the recruitment process itself. It may be too long, too exhausting for the candidate, or there is lack of feedback resulting in loss of interest from the candidate’s side.

Ask your recruiter how others do that and what could be improved. Again, they have the feedback from candidates which is always a great source of information on your company.


  1. The best recruitment strategy for your brand.

Different vacancies require different approach and recruitment srategy. You won’t approach accountants the same way you would approach programmers, will you?

Each group will react to a specific offer and what they find attractive differs significantly. Obviously you want to reach them through selected channels or dedicated groups, not general job portals. Spend a moment discussing it with recruiters. Maybe they will recommend you a tool you weren’t aware of or suggest a career event you should attend.


These are some of the ideas on how you can use your recruiters’ or agencies’ knowledge on the market and recruiting trends. Hopefully they will boost  your placements!

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