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Processes & strategy

Not sure how to keep your employees happy? Let us introduce some policies and HR best practice.


We will train your internal recruitment team on how to provide excellent candidate experience. Or we will guide your management team on how to motivate and appraise your employees.


We listen to your needs and based on that we come up with the top talent for your organization.




Interactions that tell a story

Some assembly required – what a well known furniture brand taught me about culture fit.

One of my clients has recently opened an office in a new location. I am recruiting a team for them and the final stage is an assessment centre, which is designed as a whole day event at the new venue. The assessment gives us the opportunity to know a bit more about candidates’ behaviour, attitude […]

Things you have never asked your recruiter about. And you should.

If you manage a large or medium-sized organization you probably have the recruitment team, too. Or alternatively you collaborate with an external recruitment agency, or few of them. In either case, you’re lucky! You can leverage the role of your recruiters to improve your hiring and your company brand. Recruiters have and gladly share the […]

Every recruitment is urgent. Until you ask for a job description.

It is a lazy Friday afternoon, you’re about to shut down your laptop and head home. Suddenly your phone rings. It is your client /hiring manager/delivery manager (choose the correct answer) calling. You don’t suspect anything, it’s Friday after all. They must be calling to wish you a great weekend. “Quick!!! I need fifteen SAP […]

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